Ted Swiet “Fragmentalism”

Lois Lambert Gallery presents “Fragmentalism” a series of mixed media works by the artist Ted Swiet.


Building on his previous concepts of capturing the intangible, Ted Swiet has created a collection of mixed media pieces focused on the ephemeral nature of time. The Work is an exposition about uncertainty and change examining spaces and a moment between instances.

In one series of works, Ted accomplishes this feat by utilizing the imagery of the film leader or count down present at the beginning of traditional reel-to-reel films. Each second is broken down into multiple segments which when viewed from head on creates a singular image, yet from any other angle the moment is dissolved into its respective parts.

Pulling concepts from the world around him, fashion to suspension bridges to nature itself, Swiet creates art pieces that demonstrate composition, balance, engineering and flow. Approaching the work as a problem that needs to be solved, Ted finds a medium that speaks to him and through interacting with the material determines what to do next. It is by a method of trial and error that his work evolves into a completed piece that satisfies the artist.
Swiet’s background in arts, graphic design, interior architecture and product design has allowed him to become a versatile, multi-faceted artist who melds elements of fine art, engineering and pop culture to create precise, insightful works. Ted is inspired by artists of many different realms including Rube Goldberg, David Bowie, Stanley Kubrick, David Sadaris, Jasper Johns, Jim Dine, and Steve Jobs.

Ted Swiet is a graduate of San Francisco State University, and was named one of San Francisco’s “Top 100 Innovators” by Levi Strauss & Co. His work has been collected all over the world including Japan, London and New York.


Ted Swiet “Fragmentalism”




The exhibition consists of 22 photographs, highlights the feminine beauty and the feelings that emerge from them using natural elements such as plants and clay that highlight the expressive elements of those “women of clay”, bathed in light.

“It is a tribute to female beauty, each of the photographs in this exhibition is designed in that. My idea is to show that man and nature can live in complete harmony, and also, the result can be very beautiful. “Discuss Miguel Millo.

Millo, is part of the permanent catalog of artists from the Gallery Casa Lamm in Mexico City, his works have participated in specialized auctions like Mexico Live at the Museum of Modern Art supporting people with HIV, and where his work Magic Boxes (Gea) was used as a cover in the seventh edition.

“Origins” will be presented from Thursday to Wednesday January 2 at Gallery Casa Lamm, located in Alvaro Obregon 99 Roma Norte, Cuauhtemoc, 06700 Mexico City, Federal District.



Origins of Miguel Millo in Casa Lamm


by Editorial

Gallery facilities Casa Lamm prepare to host the first solo exhibition by Mexican artist Miguel Millo, who will present their work from the December 5, 2012 and until January 02 next year.

“Origins” is the title of the exhibition, consisting of 22 photographic works that highlight the beauty of different women of clay, decorated with nature and bathed in light that come together in an explosive expression, which is in addition to colorful, highly emotional.


“It is a tribute to feminine beauty, each of the photographs in this exhibition is designed in that. My idea is to show that man and nature can live in complete harmony, and also, the result can be very beautiful, “says Miguel Millo.



Millo, is part of the permanent catalog of artists from the Gallery Casa Lamm in Mexico City, his works have participated in specialized auctions like Mexico Live at the Museum of Modern Art supporting people with HIV, and where his work Magic Boxes (Gea) was used as a cover in the seventh edition.

This December 5, Casa Lamm will open its doors to present the work of Miguel Millo, with which close another year, to promote culture and national talent.


       Photos: Courtesy Casa Lamm

More information:

Casa Lamm http://www.casalamm.com.mx

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Origins of Miguel Millo in Casa Lamm

Origins of Miguel Millo



This artist creates works because he is born, but also because she says there’s a voice inside that compels him to make him happy and obey that call, it feels good to be a subject of creativity, as well maintains an obsession with beauty. So declared, Miguel Millo, photographer by profession, referring to his latest exhibition entitled Origins.


“I’m always looking for languid and perfect bodies. Of looks that convey the feelings you want to project in my work. Nature is a fundamental part of my work, plants, flowers, stems, seeds, everything that nature gives us. The clay pigments shape a new body. All this with a large baking ingredient, finding aesthetics. ”


This coincides with the artist Jorge Marin, stating that Miguel Millo “creation is obsession and fascination with various compositions spice with everything around him. This takes over the most of the language of nature, especially gimmicky and expressive forms. Use this to dress her and make the protagonist of his work, through which women of clay, decorated with nature and bathed in light, come together in an explosive expression, which is in addition to colorful, highly emotional “.


When questioning about his creative process, the speaker explained that in the mornings start early sketches, as the day progresses are being defined, but until it gets to the studio where the magic comes, where he puts the soul to create. First intervenes to model clay and pigments, and then let the brushes and their hands will decide where the color and texture, guided by his eye that looks for beauty and balance. Next step let nature enter the body and finally captures light meticulous creation, always in an enigmatic black background.


“My work has additional value because photography is not dependent on finding the ideal landscape for my works, as in the case of my proposal my scenarios are created in its entirety, is something like making clay sculptures and models, and then dress them with nature, to bring-in the language of the body, a feeling, creating light to capture that moment, defined by Jorge Marin as a delight to the eye. That’s just what I’m projecting in my work. ”


For Jorge Marin, Millo in Origen, “makes me reconnect with the essence of man, with the intimate moment in which human nature converge in deep dialogue with the entrails of the earth, where mysticism and depth, are revealed in the eyes looking female bodies and witness our own existence. ”


After accepting that he works to satisfy their hunger to create and then share their creations with the outside world, said his photographic proposal is different because it is “an intermediate step between painting, sculpture and photography, there is a great quality in all the work , to the point that when I see the potential viewer move something in it sure, definitely motivate you to visit it again, to want to have a picture of Origen or at least take it in your mind. ”


The opening of the exhibition Origins of Miguel Millo, will be held on Wednesday, December 5, from 19:30 am in the Central Hall of the Casa Lamm Cultural Center, located at Avenida Alvaro Obregon 99, colony Rome.


To see all of the works:


Origins of Miguel Millo

Ted Swiet Revisited

The exhibition “Fragmentalism”, currently on display at Lois Lambert Gallery is going strong, so we will quickly look back at the last time Ted’s Pieces were creating a stir at the Gallery


screen-shot-2015-02-26-at-5-00-03-pmexploding briefcase chandelier 48″x48″x36″copyright 2006 Ted Swiet

The chandeliers I create incorporate iconic cultural objects to emphasize the fragile sense of stability. They are reflection of current political, economic, and individual security. It is about the impact of change and the fragile relationship of it becoming oppression or opportunity.

Wasp Chandelier: Ted Swiet, 48″x38″x50″ Mechanical robotic chandelier created from salvaged machine parts, aluminum, and resin

Swiet’s current exhibition will be on display through November 13th and can be viewed online at http://www.loislambertgallery.com


Ted Swiet Revisited

Ted Swiet: Artist Statement


This collection represents intangible things.  Time, Clarity, Identity, Power, and Everything.  I am examining them in fragments or basic components to create a tangible understanding.

In the pieces, “Fragments of 1-9 and 0”, there are layers of acrylic with fragments painted on each layer. As you pass by them they come into focus and then out of focus. These are about time and how it is coming or going, you never have it. You see “0” or “4” but the number isn’t really in there. Your brain arranges the fragments based on the familiar image of a film trailer second, and creates the second. “Do you have Second?”

In Black Reflecting White , and White Reflecting Black, the 1’s and 0’s are binary code. The Black numbers read “Black”. But the reflection of the black numbers is white, and the binary code reads “ White” in the reflection.  It’s made with 2 layers of glass and a mirror. The piece is about clarity.  Parts of Black are used to create White and parts of White are used to create Black. “It’s all there in Black and White”

Sex Machine is designed to hang over your bed, and used to decide who is sleeping in the bed. Each switch is marked with a Male or Female symbol and control a different set of lights. There are 4 male switches and 4 Female switches. The Male set of lights spell “He” or “Him” in binary code going vertical. The Female switches spell “She” and “her” In the center is “you”and “ Me” . Use the switches to create any combination of Him, Her, He ,She, She, her, He, Him Etc. If you turn all the switches on and the center, it reads “ SEXES”. Thats what we all have in common. also “You and ME are in the X panel. The S and E are backwards because Sexes is a palindrome. If you hang it in front of a mirror the reflected image is exactly the same. – “Whatever turns you on”

In Power, there are 40 on/off switches each switch is marked with a 1 or 0. 1 means the switch should be on, the 0 means the switch should be off. The combination of switches spells “ POWER” in binary code. If any switch is in the wrong position you will not have power.  Power is achieved by cooperation.

And “Infinity” – is about everything else. The other pieces in the show are very precise and require lots of measuring and accuracy. This one is made of brass and copper tubing in a random path of an infinite loop, There is no measurement of any of the parts and pieces. Everything is randomly connected to everything else.  “You can’t have everything”,  Everything  is infinite.

Ted Swiet: Artist Statement

Miguel Milló: Artist Statement

Corazon de mar.jpg

contemporary artist graphic design graduate from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Tijuana , Baja California, Mexico .

His passion for art , photography and nature, began in his childhood and it awakened in him a magic eye that sees through all the fine arts and brings to life a fascinating world in each of his works.

Millo is constantly creating and evolving as an artist.

His work is recognized internationally by critics. The New York Times described his work as “ Sublime and spiritual.” The sources of his inspiration are the origins of humanity, seeking to reflect the harmony of man and nature through the powerful beauty of plants , flowers, clay and organic materials that the artist blends with the sensuality of the human figure.

His pieces are poetry to the primal goddess personifying Mother Earth from which arise all the divine races; its philosophy is based on respect for differences. When covered with mud, the skin loses its original color; traits and physical characteristics of a human being. It is the time when the person ceases to be aware of its position in the system it is a part of and begins to act accordingly with this new vision. The human being is not just one more piece, but its raw material is the same as the rest of the pieces. Mear clay molds endowed with life.

Millo builds complex compositions in which painting, sculpture and the play of light and shadows blend together to create subtle and poetic atmospheres. In his images the human being is a metaphor for the fertile land flowing with life; an overflowing life, pulsating heart …
sueños de otoño.jpg
One can say that the naked bodies are blank canvases that the artist alters with clay and pigments, roots, leaves, flowers and fruits. This gives life to his final work, through the masterful handling of light and shadow that give volume and movement to the creation captured through his magic eye stopping time in a unique and unrepeatable moment.

His work goes beyond photography. It is plastic intervention of extreme sophistication which is then captured by the lens. In the constant reinvention of the artist, Millo develops his work making glass mosaics becoming almost a new photographic image in large formats giving the piece a masterful magic.

Currently his “Origins” collection is roaming in countries in Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan.

His Collection was included in volume eight of the book “International Contemporary Masters”, an annual juried collection featuring the most prominent master artists of the world, and distributed in museums, galleries and the most important libraries in the world; He has been interviewed by the magazine LUXE Interiors + Design US and in December of 2014 by The New York Times, in the Style section.

Miguel Millo is one of the greatest examples of contemporary art in Mexico.

In 2014 he was selected by the government of Mexico for an exhibition of his work in the city of Kuala Lumpur, commemorating the forty years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Mexico.

Casa Lamm include his work in the commemorative collection of its twentieth anniversary and the edition of the book Artist Casa Lamm. He has also exhibited at the Museum of the Chancery and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Horizons was on of 36 works to be part of a collection selected by the Tax Administration System (SAT) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) to represent Mexico in a tour during 2015 and 2016. Other cities where his work has been exhibited are: Miami, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Havana, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Taipei, Brazil, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, Chihuahua, Saltillo, Monterrey and Cancun.

His video work is part of the production of the Royal Confidencias tour, Alejandro Fernandez.

His work was also selected by the United Nations Organization and the SRE as an image for the twentieth anniversary of the Convention of Beijing for the rights of women and girls, distributed during 2015 in all embassies and consulates of Mexico around the world.


Millo is very passionate about social work. He has donated his work to support organizations working for the rights of women and abandoned children, indigent adults with mental disabilities and people living with HIV, with the Mexican Foundation for Family Planning, B.C. (Mexfam), the Fellowship Foundation Without Borders and the Mexico Vivo Foundation. His work has participated in three auctions Boxes, Magic Mexfam, at the National Museum of Modern Art.

Miguel Milló: Artist Statement